About Barbara

Just the Facts:

  • B.S. degree from Texas Tech University
  • Graduate study at UTEP and Texas Tech
  • Continuing education with wide variety of courses since formal education
  • Business background in teaching, training, management and sales
  • Started own business in 1990
  • Changed business name to MaxImize in 1994
  • Moved to Austin in 1996
  • Have run and evaluated thousands (and thousands) of assessments since 1990
  • Continue studies related to assessments at two to three workshops per year
  • Certified in a number of related programs including Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and Certified Professional Values Analyst.

More Details - The Personal Side:

    Growing up in Snyder, Texas (halfway between Abilene and Lubbock) left me wanting to find a place where the trees are taller than 15 feet and the wind didn’t blow all day. However, the older I have gotten – no comments are needed here - the greater appreciation I have for West Texas people. They just seem to have their feet firmly on the ground….. maybe all that wind was an advantage.

I have known a lot of people over my nomadic adult life. My ex-Mr. Wonderful was a military officer. This allowed me great opportunity to live on both coasts, several states in-between plus various places in Texas and an adventure in the Middle East. I found good friends in every location and discovered no matter where it is, there is at least one bad thing about the weather. It became very evident I wanted to go back to Texas and Austin was my top pick.

I have lived in Austin almost double the time I have lived anywhere else since leaving Snyder. While I still enjoy the opportunity to travel, you would find it hard to talk me into moving from here.

Another advantage of the military life, was exploring various work situations. This left me with very broad business experience and empathy for the small business owner.

I love working with the assessments and helping business owners make better hiring decisions. One of the draws to the assessment world when I started was seeing this work could help with the business environment and had the great possibility of a positive impact on each person’s individual life, too. WOW. Two for the price of one. I continue to enjoy this benefit and positive feedback from participants.

My underlying goal is to make a difference…a positive difference...in the peace of mind of the business owner, in the morale of the team, in the success of the individual and in the belief/understanding in themselves.

Now you know.
~ Barbara