Accuracy, Reliability and Validation

“If a person is not performing as expected,
it is probably because they are miscast for the job” – W. Edwards Deming.

Some definition first:

Accuracy – in the context we use it, does the report/assessment give feedback that is true about the

We use assessments that participants generally feel are 80 - 90% accurate. This is extremely high.

Reliability – will the results be consistent, can we depend on them

We generally recommend and use both Ipastive and Normative tests in combination with each other. This increases the reliability.

Validate (Validation) - assess it again and again, given different participants, making sure the method is
really measuring what it intends also, the degree the measurement supports the conclusion

Since we only use vendors with high validity studies (international) and consciously choose not to use some assessments that we wonder about the reliability, our clients have a strong sense of accuracy with the results. We will be glad to pass along a specific vendors statistics.

Ipsative Tests – Self Assessments

These can be greater than 80% accurate in describing behavioral styles. Not really recommended as a stand alone assessment to hire or promote as it doesn’t address competence or skills or the individual’s potential to gain these. However, these can be excellent tools for team building, communication, interaction development and conflict resolution.

Examples are DISC behavioral assessments, Myers-Briggs, Motivation Insights

Normative tests - measure quantifiable personality characteristics on individual scales; these compare an
individual to a group norm. They generally have a higher validity than ipastive tests. These have much higher validity and predictability. With good normative tests, the ability to predict results can be as high as 70%.

Recommended for use with succession planning and hiring.

Examples of this type of testing are JobClues, Prevue, ASSESS, TotalView

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