Annual Licenses

Package One

A few of our vendors offer an incredible deal of unlimited use of the assessments for an annual fee.

A great use of this could be a company that is in a strong growth mode or in a high turnover crunch.

APS: The On-line applicant processing system

An unlimited use of three different assessments as well as the database to collect the resumes, cover letters, numerical scoring for qualifying questions and interview notes. Saves time and money. A multi-features package.

Package Two

JobClues™ is a validated assessment and a it has a wide range of benchmarked jobs to compare the applicant’s personality traits, cognitive abilities and attitude with industry standards. This is great tool for screening and/or selection as it includes suggested interview questions based on the individual results.

Candid Clues™ is an extremely effective screening tool. This means it can only be used with the external applicants. It will give valuable information to screen OUT high risk applicants. It is part of the annual system of JobClues.

Great value for small companies as well as mid sized ones when they are in a consistent hiring environment. This may be hiring for within or externally.

For other annual license, just ask about them and we will give you a quote. Generally, if you are only hiring occasionally, the individual pricing is a better value. If there is volume, the annual license is a wonderful way to make assessments even more cost effective.