Applicant Processing System or APS

APS - Applicant Processing System, a good name for keeping track of all your applicants. This Internet database system has really good features while being user friendly.

Several things to help you are:

  • Internet based so you or anyone else with the site and password can access it from various locations
  • ONE place – paperless – for all the resumes, cover letters, assessments, notes
  • A system to build in qualifying questions as a way to filter the applicants
  • The filter questions can be assigned a numeric value to give you a quick overview of the more qualified applicants
  • Assessments are available for unlimited use to further filter applicants to quickly eliminate high risk ones
  • A place to add notes – for yourself or other decision makers
  • Numerous ways for you to sort applicants – name, date applied, numeric value of filter questions, assessment results, notes

All of the businesses that have used this comment on:

  • Easy to use
  • Saves them tons of time
  • Spent much less time interviewing because of all the good prescreening

This is available on a one position, one month at a time OR an annual basis. Companies only adding a few people a year usually use the one position at a time. However, companies growing or with higher turnover find the annual basis to be more cost effective.

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