Behavioral Interviewing

This has been around for a while. Basically, it is getting the applicant to tell stories of how they have handled situations in the past….. it is NOT about how they would handle an imaginary situation in the future at your company.

The best analogy would be if you asked a person before they had children what they would do with this or that situation. They will give you great answers. It may or may not be what actually occurs once they have those children 24/7.

When dealing with how they might handle something in the future I think people either tell you what they honestly believe they would do…. Or tell you what they think you want to hear….maybe a combination of both. Good intensions don’t always equal good performance.

The past performance is the best indicator of future actions.

Let me say that again.

How people have dealt with situations in the past is the best indicator of how they will handle themselves in the future.

Create the interview process to ask questions related to the competencies you need for the position to learn how they have handled situations in the past.

I recommended getting past the surface. Such as, taking a specific answer and ask another question related to it. Then take that answer and get another question from it. Even a question like “ Tell me more about ……” will lead to a better understanding.

You see, the further you go into the layers, the closer to the real story you will get. The interview filters are on pretty heavy in the first version, so keep digging.

We also help companies develop interview systems for consistent and fair analysis of each candidate. Let us know if you want more information on this.

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