First, you might need to know a very important reality. You are human. I know, tough to hear. What this really means is you have strengths and weaknesses – or areas of opportunity – as I had rather label them.

Our coaching is generally with the small business owner. Many of them are successful in their growing business AND they are frustrated (generally with employees), overwhelmed at times or just feel it takes more energy than they planned.

The great majority of our coaching clients use our service 4 – 6 months. After running assessments on the business owner and generally with the top employees, we begin weekly telephone appointments to establish short and long term goals. Then we work on ways to tweak current habits to lower the stress level and increase effectiveness. Each coaching client is different. Each person has their own individual plan and pace.

With the different insights and suggestions of actions brought to the coaching table, the small business owner learns new skills and habits. The most common comments after two months of coaching and putting the suggested activities into action are lower stress levels, more understanding and increased team work.

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