Effective Promoting: Evaluating Core Competencies

Core competencies - the key elements needed by a specific position for the employee to be successful.

If you have a job description do you really need these??? Absolutely. Many times job descriptions can be paragraph after paragraph and they are better at the big picture rather than specifics. When core competencies are narrowed to four to six per position and tied to specific job duties, a clear path is opened up for interview questions and skill base established. Then these are used with either the filling of the position or for effective employee reviews.


  • Matching skill base with employee – new employees are carefully chosen to put their specific skills to use with the best fit for the job
  • Higher productivity – when positions are matched the workflow is smoother and gets more for the employer’s dollar spent
  • Clear path for development of employees – employees have a clear idea of expectations and ability to develop needed skills
  • Review processes enhanced – save time on preparation of reviews and increase their accuracy
  • Lower turnover – when employees are under or over qualified for positions it results in higher turnover, this system lowers that risk and cost
  • Standardized systems for hiring, development and reviews

WHAT we do for you:

  • Create custom interviewing strategy including an objective scoring system for equitable and consistent applicant comparison

WHO uses us:

  • Any size organization wanting to establish systems for hiring and/or reviews
  • H.R. departments wanting to create systems for development plans
  • Organizations wanting to have equitable review standards
  • Organizations wanting to help manager and supervisors spend less time creating and discussing reviews

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