Effective Hiring

First – Analyze
If the job could talk, who would the job hire?

Thoroughly understand the position.
What are the core competencies needed?
Who are the other team members?
What is the company culture?

Second – Benchmark
If you don’t know really works, how do you know what to ask for?

Do you have good people already in the position?
Can you benchmark them?
Use already established benchmarks provided by validated assessments?
Create new benchmarks?

Third – Prescreening
Do you need to save time, money AND lower turnover?

Eliminate the high risk aplicants
Entry level position
Know BEFORE the interview time

Fourth – Assessments
Ever inteviewed and hired an ideal candidate, then a nightmare showed up for work?

Narrow down the applicants
Find the best fit
How will they fit the job, the team and your customer?

Fifth – Interviewing
Stories, stories, stories….. best indicator of future performance is past behavior

Using the core competencies as a basis
Conduct a consistent behavioral interview with top applicants.

MaxImize can help you every step of the way or just individual steps.
While we do not do the interviewing, we can set up a system complete with interview questions for you to follow.

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