MaxImize Guarantee

FIRST Guarantee

  • It is OK to say NO
  • NO Pressure
  • NO annoying phone calls or emails

Let’s have a conversation. If after the conversation to learn more about each other and you choose not to continue, it is a done deal. We had a nice, no pressure conversation and it is over. It is OK. We weren’t a fit for your situation. We sincerely wish you well and if we have recommendations for another solution, we will share it with you.

SECOND Guarantee

Remember how complicated we are as humans. And MaxImize is not measuring psychological implications. Also, each assessment is measuring its own specialty. Therefore, there will be statements within a report that may contradict another report. This happens because our motivation or interests may contradict our behavioral style.

This is the main reason a consulting phone call for the debriefing is so valuable. We know how to integrate the separate reports and have more of a conversation about real world application of the information.

If you try the coupon offer and don’t find the information at least 80% accurate, we will refund most of your money. We will keep a $50 fee for part of the cost of processing the reports and the refund.

If The Job Could Talk Who Would The Job Hire? Call 512.278.1200 or 1-866-646-1200. No cost. No obligation.