How Do We Work?

First, we just need to talk with you.

We realize MaxImize is not the right solution for every company. Our objective is to be a good listener and help explore your situation to discover if we will be able to have a positive impact with your company.

We recommend a face to face appointment to just talk. If schedules or locations don’t match, then we set a telephone appointment to just talk. Yep. You heard right. We are not bringing a great little packet of marketing material to “sell” you. We just want to visit.

There is not a charge for this visit, nor is this a commitment for any future business.

Only if we both decide it would be good to talk again, do we set up a second appointment to explore the possibility of working together to solve your set of concerns. You are completely in the driver’s seat.

We use validated assessments from a variety of vendors.

IF the problems can be helped by assessments, we can pull on our 17 years of experience to recommend which one(s) would be the best for the issue.

Using Internet based assessments means we are not tied to a physical location and have clients all over the United States even though the majority are in Central Texas.

What this means is: (a typical hiring situation)

  • Agreement on plan of action (after an account is established this may just be an email request)
  • We set up requested services on Internet
  • We sent links and instructions to you OR directly to the applicants
  • Questionnaires are completed by applicants
  • We review them
  • The reports are emailed to you
  • A telephone conversation/appointment to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of applicants
  • Many times this will include additional interview questions to ask based on items indicated by reports and review

We recommend you do NOT hire until we get the results back. We also recommend the assessments only weigh about 30% toward the hire/not hire decision.

If The Job Could Talk Who Would The Job Hire? Call 512.278.1200 or 1-866-646-1200. No cost. No obligation.