New Team

Who is new – you or the team?

This is challenging as you get to know the team and try to accomplish the goals at the same time. Generally it takes three to six months to get to know the strengths and idiosyncrasies of a new team. This can be an excited and frustrating time. As well as missed opportunities as the learning curve takes place.

We can help you cut the time to days, maybe even just hours. The team takes the assessment(s) on-line on an individual basis. With the assessments we can consult with you on the best strategies for each person and for the team as a whole. Plus, training is available to increase understanding and communication with the whole team.

You might even want help tweaking the job duties to take advantage of each person’s strengths and preferences.

This whole process has made many of our clients lower stress levels and increase productivity.

Are you putting together a new team?

When you are putting together a new team, there are lots of things to consider:

  • What strengths are needed?
  • Can people get along with each other?
  • Who should be hired from the outside and who to promote from within?
  • Will the old job skills transfer to new positions?
  • If the job could talk, which person would the job hire?

    We can help you work through the logistics and strategies, the core competencies, establish evaluation processes, provide structured guidelines for interviewing, etc. Oh, and the assessments.

Some clients have team members in mind to promote or bring to the team. After assessments, we may discover they are great or we may find they really would have poor performance with the new job requirements.

Such things as a faster pace and quick decisions may not be a strength of the person. Or it could be the new position would not be challenging enough and they would get bored. Or maybe the new position needs a more hands on approach that was previously required. All of these traits plus many, many more can be identified.

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