April 2007 Vol. 6 No. 4

Checkout the Pupils
by Barbara Metzger

Continuing some of the insights from “The Definitive Book of Body Language” by Allan and Barbara Pease offers more ideas for interviewing tips this month.

I found it interesting that more people are becoming accomplished liars. In fact, as many as 70% of liars will be making MORE eye contact than they usually do. And when they have learned this skill, the ability to pick up on their lies significantly reduces, too. The 30% of liars that don’t make the eye contact has an 80% chance of being detected (especially by women). However, the 70% of liars that continue or increase their eye contact only have about a 25% chance of being caught.

When a person’s gaze is meeting yours for more than 2/3 of the time, one of two things is happening. They either are attracted to you OR they are hostile toward you. Want to know which? Look for the pupils.

Another portion of the book tells about our dilating pupils. This is not a controlled part of interaction so you might consider training yourself to start noticing this. Eckard Hess was a pioneer in the study of this and made a great number of discoveries including an increased pupil size when problem solving and mental activity as well as seeing pictures of something that stimulates them. When excited, the eyes can dilate up to four times their original size.

It also means when angry or negative, the pupils can contract and become very small. When people have unemotional expressions this may be the best indicator of their anger or real mood. You have to be careful, because this is also a side affect of some medications (legal and illegal).

Your brain is hardwired with this. We find the larger pupils more attractive. Women’s eyes dilate faster than men’s to help create rapport. This may be another reason why baby’s eyes are so large. The adults will pay more attention.

Let’s go back to the eye contact of more than 2/3 of the time. The hostile person will have smaller than normal pupils. The person finding you attractive or interesting, will have dilated ones.

My challenge for you this month is to start watching those pupils. What do you notice?....in the other person and in yourself? Let me know what you discover. Barbara@maxproductivity.com

Bogus Resumes Contain An Average of Three Lies by Dr. Ira Wolfe

Employers are being warned that job candidates in the financial sector are becoming increasingly brazen in lying when they submit CVs for job applications.

A study of more than 3,000 CVs submitted by candidates during 2004 showed that 25% of CVs in the financial sector contained false or incorrect statements.

The study by employee screening firm, The Risk Advisory Group also showed that these incorrect CVs contained an average of three lies. In previous years The Risk Advisory Group studies have shown that where any problems with CVs have been discovered there tended to be only one misleading statement.

The omissions from CVs range from missing out information about a poor credit history, fraud, previous addresses, previous directorships, job titles, academic qualifications and details of employment dates and gaps in employment.

These results show a marked increase in the lengths to which candidates are prepared to go to adapt their CVs to make them more attractive to potential employers.

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Perfect Labor Storm Alerts #627 to #629

Fact #627: Germany's birth rate, already the lowest in Europe, dropped even further in 2005. Germans had 8.5 births per 1,000 inhabitants in 2005, down from 8.6 the previous year. That compares with 12 births per 1,000 in Britain and 12.7 per 1,000 in France. The town of Chemnitz, in the former East Germany, has what is believed to be the lowest birth rate in the world at 6.9.

Fact #628: 81 percent of respondents said they are currently facing a moderate to severe shortage of qualified workers. Most severe are shortages pertaining to the higher skill levels.
(2005 Skills Gap Report, The Manufacturing Institute/NAM/Deloitte Consulting, LLP)

  • Fact #629: 90 percent of respondents indicated a moderate to severe shortage of qualified, skilled production employees.
    (2005 Skills Gap Report, The Manufacturing Institute/NAM/Deloitte Consulting, LLP)

    The featured article and labor storm facts are written by Ira S. Wolfe, founder of Success Performance Solutions, and is distributed here by MaxImize with permission.