When the Peter Principal is at its best, a person may get promoted past their level to handle situations. This is a wonderful tool to get a snapshot of them before they are hired or promoted into the position.

It has timed sections to give an indicator of how quickly they process information. If too low, others in the organization can become frustrated with them. If too high (yep, this might not be ideal), they may be to frustrated with other team members or customers.

It is also good to know where the company culture is to understand how they fit in with the current members.

Next, it will indicate if they want to work with people, data or things (hands on). How well does their interests match the job description? If a high people contact position and they want to work with data but not people….. you might want to look to the next candidate.

After that, there are 16 different personality traits it ranks. While each is good indicator of the individual, more is to be said for looking at the whole picture. We combine Prevue or TotalView with motivation and behavioral assessments to do this.

While this still won’t give honesty, it will identify strengths and areas of opportunity (sometimes, called weaknesses.)

Prevue Assessment® Samples:

Individual – full report, just not compared to any benchmark

Selection – where the applicant is compared to a benchmark for the position

Working Characteristics – insight into how they approach work

Corporate Coach – feedback on how to guide them to improvement

Personal Development – self directed improvement

Succession Planning Multiple Positions – comparing one person to multiple positions

Succession Planning Multiple Candidates – comparing several applicants for the same position

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