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I have worked with Bill Coon, the owner of Office Furniture Now, for several years. Please just click on the video to let him tell you about us.

Best Places To Work in Austin Small Company Category

Austin Business Journal Article excerpt

Vintage IT Services has been a MaxImize client for a over three years. When the Austin Business Journal awarded them #1 in the Small Company category, Steve Hanes, vice president and co-founder, mentioned MaxImize in the ABJ article (June 22-28, 2007).

Here is what he and the article said:

“About three years ago, Hanes found that while his technicians were providing high-quality technical service, they were not always communicating well with their customers. He realized many of them were introverted and happy to work on their own at a computer terminal. Since this approach does not always lend itself to well-developed communication skills, Hanes learned the hard way that it did not benefit his company to make hiring decisions based solely on a person’s technical skill or knowledge.

As a result, he begin surveying his employees to evaluate what qualities made some more effective than others, in terms of working with customers. The management team quickly began compiling data that showed what characteristics successful employees had in common.

“In the technical arena, a typical technician is very high theoretical; they like technical details and a challenge. If you can find someone who is high on theoretical and also mid-range on aesthetic, if they like music and art, they tend to communicate well with clients as well as know technical detail,” he says.

As part of Vintage IT Services’ hiring process, all employment candidates now complete a personality assessment survey. Two “Managing for Success” profiles, provided by MaxImize, evaluate behavioral styles, or the ways they will interact with the company’s team and customers, and motivation styles, or the reasons they made decisions and how they filter information.

Barbara Metzger, owner and president of Austin-based MaxImize says, “With this two-assessment approach, we get a more clear picture of the candidates and, if they are hired, how to manage them more effectively.. We also have benchmarked the better performers at Vintage IT Services, and this is helpful when reviewing candidates. With executive-level candidates we add a third assessment, TotalView, to gain even more insight.

(Carol) Field explains that the hiring decisions are made as the result of using the assessments show the results Hanes was looking for, and the quality of customer service the technicians provide benefits from those chose to work for the company.

“Sometimes – especially engineering people – want to keep to themselves, but our’s are very one-on-one with customers. It’s nice because they can talk to customers, she says.

Jason Mitchell, a network technician, says the results of the assessment benefit both new and longtime employees. He had identified his strengths and weaknesses and feels he knows his co-workers better.

(Steve) Hanes considers communication with his employees important as well, and Field says her manager’s use of the assessments results enhances their relationship because he knows the best way to approach her – and what stresses her out.”

Austin Business Journal Article excerpt

For years, the Texas Legal Protection Plan had used placement agencies to screen joy applicants. But the results were too many unqualified applicants reaching the interview stage and wasting everyone's time. Thanks to MaxImize, applicants are now screened online by a short customized questionnaire and, for entry-level positions, two additional assessments.

The result?

"I wouldn't hire another person without putting them through this process--even if it was my sister!" says Executive VP Kellis Richter. "It lets me better utilize my time with the cream of the crop candidates. We've hired three people this way and they've all worked out perfectly.”

Another Austin company used the on-line application tracking system as well as several assessment tools for their top candidates.

“Barbara’s insight, expertise and methods have transformed they way we hire for critical positions. I no longer have to settle for receiving only the positive tidbits of information a good interviewer will only let you see. Through Barbara’s development of web-based targeted and weighted assessments, I get to measure the candidate’s abilities, motivations, interests, and personality all before they even walk through the door.

This system allows me to not only get a more complete picture, but then saves me an enormous amount of time because the candidates I choose to interview have been prescreened and are already qualified. My interviewing time is now spent drilling down on just those targeted areas of concern or interest instead of broad ineffective questions. The bottom line is that Barbara and her system get results and take your hiring process to a previously unattainable level of satisfaction and, more importantly, success.”
Brian Riebe, President - Outhouse Designs


I was introduced to Barbara Metzger through a business associate. Originally I sought her services to learn more about myself and how to improve communication with my employees. I did indeed learn a great deal, especially about how voice tone and non verbal cues are perceived. Working relationships with my staff have been noticeably improved and the office is much more productive.

The most significant benefit achieved however, was in the hiring of a new employee. WOW!!! Barbara took me through a process identifying core competencies I deemed important for the position and had me write down a thorough job description. She formulated a set of interview questions for me to ask and also coached me on conducting a very productive interview. In sixteen years of practice I have never had such useful and informative interviews. The applicants were more effectively and consistently evaluated. I was able to make a more confident hiring decision.

With the hiring of a new office manager productivity has noticeably increased. Barbara and I are currently working on additional aspects of my business to improve productivity, marketing, and employer-employee relations.

It is readily apparent that Barbara is very good at what she does. She is very personable and easy to work with. I only wish I had met her much sooner.

William Michael Baker D.D.S