What we can assess?

One of the things 17 years of experience has taught me is there is no one assessment on the market that can give a complete picture of anyone. People are way more complicated than this with behavioral styles, motivation filters, value concerns, learning or information processing speed, etc. etc. Whew. It can get confusing.

We will learn what the job needs and help you decide on the more effective assessment(s) to evaluate applicants (or current employees). Are we talking executive level, sales, receptionist, administrative assistants? The assessment(s) recommended will depend on the position.

With entry level applicants, we do have some very good assessments to check on reliability and other counterproductive concerns including honesty. However, with higher up than entry level, the honesty evaluation is not really reliable.

Also, it is against EEOC to assess anything other than job related concerns. This throws psychological testing out the window.

Even though we can get them, we haven’t generally been a source to assess the skill level of software, math or English skills, computer knowledge, etc. If you need this type of evaluations, we will get them or find someone else to help you with them. We also have some good resources for background checks.

Since almost everything we use is internet based, the location of the company and the applicants or employees is not a concern. And we only use high quality, validated instruments.

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