Who We Generally Work With

Managers and owners frustrated with employees or the hiring process.

Over the years, we have been drawn again and again to the small business owner. They are the ones where hiring decisions make the most impact. It can have a very positive affect on the bottom line and the team morale or it can be a constant headache.

We like working with the owner and the majority of our clients don’t have a multi-person human resource department. Many times they also benefit from having an objective, outside observation to discuss employee concerns and challenges.

With the little larger companies we help put together the executive level team and with the promotion choices from within.

Sure we have worked with HR directors and other department leaders in medium size companies. We generally have helped them establish systems to achieve their needs and they run the assessments on their own.

We have even worked with individuals wanting private assessments and coaching.

It is just the majority of our clients are small business owners. And we like them!

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